You do the work, let me do the paperwork

Full business support – you do what you do best and leave the rest (or whatever you most hate) to me.

I will invoice for you, and chase outstanding invoices.
I can also do your simple bookkeeping, all computerised and backed up

  • Invoicing and chasing
  • Income and expenditure
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Management reports as requested
  • Mailing
  • Web sites
  • Bespoke office management software

Whether you’re just finding the office admin getting on top of you or you’re in a panic with a drawer full of receipts and work dockets and no money coming in. Let me sort things out and get you in a place where you can concentrate on earning the money whilst I sort out the fiddly bits.

Once we’ve got you up to date all you need to do is just email me your receipts, notes of work done and relevant bank statements (by camera phone or scanner) and I’ll do the rest. All you have to do then is cash the cheques.

Email or fax means you don’t pay for my time collecting the paperwork, I can just get on with it –  Although email would be the quickest for me and therefore the cheaper for you, you can just put it all in a bag and post it to me.
Mob: +44(0)779 569 0883
Fax:0872 110 5961

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